Many smart, creative, and hard-working electrical engineering and dual major (electrical and mechanical engineering) students have been in my courses over the years.  I have especially enjoyed teaching the Senior Design Course since it began in the late 1990's.  Briefly, in this course students work in teams to complete a project.  Some of the ideas for these projects I "dreamt up" or having been wishing for since early childhood.  (I am still working on the X-ray glasses concept!)   In less than eleven weeks, three to five Kettering University students have successfully completed a challenging (and fun) project while taking several other courses, and I am very proud of their accomplishments.  At my Youtube channel many of these students projects are documented:  Kaiser's Youtube Channel.  The less polished videos were taken before Youtube was around.


Listed below is more information about some of these and other projects:

  • radio1, radio2: three brochures and slide presentation of a water resistant, solar powered, 15 MHz radio.  These radios were built immediately after 9/11 and were designed to be parachuted into Afghanistan.
  • pinball1, pinball2, pinball3 more information (including schematics) of two of the several, electromagntically controlled, 1920's style pinball machines designed, built, and tested.  Photos of the these machines being tested by high school students during a Kettering University's First Robotics event are also provided.
  • haunted house1, haunted house2, haunted house3: repair or service manuls for three electromechanical, miniature Haunted Houses. 
  • high voltage1, high voltage 2: four reports and slide presentation for miniature high-voltage impulse generators.  These little devices provide over 1 kV using only one 3 V lithium button cell battery!
  • fight robots1, fight robots2: manual of an autonomous combat robot and a miniature remote controlled tank, both utilzing lasers
  • antennas: poster for eight "HDTV" antennas, including radiation patterns measured at the wonderful Bosch EMC facility in Michigan. 
  • trains:  quick summary sheet for five remote-controlled battling trains.