When preparing for the Professional Engineering (PE) test, I found it valuable to work as many sample PE tests as possible (independent of their source, time of creation, or problem style). Having passed the PE test in 2006, I thought it would be appropriate to add to this pool of tests. The following sample test, named oldstylemorning, and its solution, named solnoldstylemorning, is my first contribution to this collection. As with the actual PE test that I took, it is in “quick-answer” multiple-choice format. The style, content, and difficulty of the problems are based on the sample test and examination specifications provided by the NCEES (dated 2001). This sample test is not endorsed by any agency (including NCEES) and is intended as a study aid. It is provided free-of-charge (but may not be sold, modified, or distributed in any form without my written consent).

As is stated in NCEES’s sample test dated 2001, “No representation is made or intended as to future questions, content, or subject matter.” Any relationship of these sample questions to actual test questions is purely coincidental.


oldstylemorning, solnoldstylemorning   PLEASE DO NOT DISTRIBUTE


Included in the following file, named database, are additional sample PE questions for the Power Exam and Electrical and Electronics Exam. Unlike the first sample test that I created, these questions are not intended to be a complete sample test or a comprehensive test--they are just topics that happen to be of current interest. Since there appears to be a great need for more advanced afternoon questions, many of these problems are challenging. However, all of these problems can be worked in six minutes or less! Unfortunately, I do not have the time to write out solutions as with my older-style morning breadth examination. I have, however, provided the answers.  If time is available, I will try to add to this database.




Since transmission lines is a subject on the Electrical and Electronics Exam, when preparing for the PE I created the following transmission line summary sheet (or reference guide), designed to be printed in color as a folded two-sided sheet.  This summary contains most of the useful equations for a single transmission line operating  in sinusoidal steady state.  (For transient conditions, and multiple transmission lines, please see my book, Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook.)


transmission line reference

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