The following material is a collection of formal exams and informal quizzes (often hand written immediately before class).  When I was an undergraduate, I enjoyed the courses in circuits, electromagnetics, and electronics but not signals and systems.  I had a difficult time in this course, partially due to the official textbook, and partially due to the inherent abstract nature of the subject matter.  However, I was determined to master most of these topics.  I did this by restudying this material as a graduate student and then being a teaching assistant in this course, which was tremendously helpful.  Although I happen not teach this material very often, I understand and appreciate its value and applications (as can be seen by examining several chapters in my book)

  • topics 1 includes unit step, time shifting, time scaling, reflection
  • topics 2 includes even, odd, periodic, fundamental period
  • topics 3 includes delta function, impulse function, properties of delta function
  • topics 4 includes classification of signals, memory, invertible, causal, stable, time invariant, linear, impulse response, llinear time invariant (LTI)
  • topics 5 includes convolution, impulse response
  • topics 6 includes Fourier series, exponential form, trignonmetric form, coefficients, dc term, harmonics, periodic signals and circuit analysis
  • topics 7 includes Fourier transform, properties, spectra
  • topics 8 includes spectrum, spectra, sampling, distortion, average normalized power, power spectral density
  • topics 9 includes discrete signals, periodic, impulse response, linear time invariant (LTI), difference equation, z transform, properties, inverse z transform, region of convergence