In addition to this collection of test problems, many other problems are in the EMC handbook portion of this site.

  • topics 1 includes noise, inteference, unwanted signals, electrical length, electrically short, decibel, dB, Bode plotting
  • topics 2 includes skin depth, ac resistance, proximity effect, electrical properties of metals
  • topics 3 includes RLC modeling of real devices, resonant frequency, resonance, nonideal components, Q, quality factor, order of circuit, impedance of RLC circuits, filter properties, filter design, overshoot
  • topics 4 includes transient reflection coefficient, transient transmision coefficient, transient input impedance, steady state input impedance, transmission lines, matching, passive probes
  • topics 5 includes partial inductance, mutual inductance, self inductance, current baluns, voltage baluns, toroid core, winding, dot marker, winding polarity, balanced circuit, current probe, common mode current, differential mode current, common mode rejection ratio, CMRR, differential mode gain, common mode gain, offset voltage, op amps
  • topics 6 includes electric field shielding, grounding shields, charge distribution, conducting spheres, insulating spheres, insulating slabs, ground plane, circuit capacitance, induced current, voltage drop, magnetic fields inside capacitor, EQS, magnetic field shielding, MQS, one turn inductor, time constant, electric field inside toroid, plane wave shielding, multiple layer shield, electrically thick, skin depth, transfer impedance
  • topics 7 includes cable grounding, cable shielding, ground loops, twisted cable, floating, balanced driver, balanced load
  • topics 8 includes electrical safety, worm harvester, GFCI, rms value of pulses
  • topics 9 includes multiple layer boards,